Workers’ Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Board Penalty Appeals

The New York State Workers’ Compensation Board frequently takes the position that an entity was out of coverage with the WC law and issues a penalty of many thousands of dollars that can range into the hundreds of thousands, once ignored. Failing to comply with statutory requirements related to wages paid constitutes a form of illegal employment, and this has nothing to do with immigration. The Disability Benefits insurance is also administered by the WC Board. Bear in mind, there is personal responsibility, which goes beyond the corporation for unpaid Workers’ Compensation premiums.

Our objective is one of “damage control”, which means we stress conciliation and compliance, so that the employer can bring the matter to a close for much less monies by pursuing the correct path of an administrative appeal. We prevail in all of our cases, as we stress factual information which the authorities can verify. In most cases, these matters do have a sense of urgency.

There is economic safety in our methods, as we are only paid after we win your case. Otherwise, there is no fee. We also cap our fees on your behalf.